The day had arrived but ……..

All week Owl and I had been looking forward to today. Friday was the first day we could begin to put our plans into action. Christmas as lovely as it has been has also been in the way of our plans. There are several stages for our secret plan but not many days when we could carry out stage one due to me going back to work next week.

Owl has been poorly for the last week but was getting better. I had been experiencing a sore throat on and off since Christmas Eve. I was worse in the mornings and evenings but not too bad during the day. But last night was not just bad it was very bad. Having spent several hours on the sofa I finally went back to bed around 4am or maybe it was nearer 4.30. Owl had joined me for a while at 3am. He wasn’t sleeping well either.

By 9am I was dosing myself up again in the hope that I would begin to feel better again as in the preceding days. But both Owl and I had such a bad morning that we knew we were going nowhere today. Mid afternoon Statto began to watch a film (or movie as they call it) Owl and I sat with him in the hopes of finding some entertainment to improve our day. Within minutes I heard myself snoring as I drifted in and out of a light dose throughout the entire film…..I didn’t understand the film as I missed so much of it.

We are hoping that tomorrow will now be the day


It’s 1.30am and I am here on the sofa eating jumbo salted peanuts!


Because my sore throat was keeping me awake. The lump in my throat was so bad that it was making it impossible for me to sleep. I am surprised that my distress wasn’t disturbing Owl’s sleep. I am sure I was whimpering. My sleep problem was not down to my nasal passages being bunged up. It was the severe discomfort of the lump in my throat where one of my glands were still swollen. The other having receded since my last dose of medication.

So here I am on the sofa with a hot drink and peanuts!

Why on earth would I choose peanuts when my throat feels like I have a peanut securely lodged in it anyway.

Why peanuts ? because I desperately wanted chocolate. I find chocolate soothes a sore throat like nothing else can. But although it is only two days after Christmas and there are boxes of chocolate in the lounge and tins of chocolate sweets in the kitchen they are not for me.

Where I am sitting I can see the biggest box of Milk Tray I have ever seen but it has not been opened. I won’t open someone else’s choccy’s even though I know he wouldn’t have minded. Why don’t I eat my own chocolates? Because being diabetic I didn’t get any. 

So here I am on the sofa with a hot drink and peanuts. Actually I am beginning to feel better than I was. Maybe that is the peanuts that I am crunching to death but more likely it is because I am sitting up rather than laying down.

So maybe I shall sit here for a while longer with my hot drink and peanuts and hope I can fall asleep.