New life

I am sitting here in my kitchen on Saturday morning listening to my new husband chatting on the phone with my new sister in law. Looking out of the window at the long grass semi covered with skeletal leaves from last autumn. The pansies in the tub are still in bloom, the roses are sprouting new growth and there in the corner of my eye there is movement. It isn’t my aged cat (she is sat by my feet). I watch Mrs blackbird on the edge of the flower bed. Just then a sparrow lands on the shed roof. More movement and I spot Mr blackbird on the top of the hedge looking down at his wife. This all reminds me of a post I read a few weeks ago here. At the time I hadn’t seen much in the way of birdlife in my garden but if I can see these in just a few minutes what would I see if I sat here for longer?

2 comments on “New life

  1. Mig says:

    Happy for you.
    And for your birds : )

  2. What a lovely picture of a perfect moment 🙂

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