After the wedding……

In case you have not realised/noticed/guessed.


Thanks for all your congratulations and good wishes but I expect you are now wondering how we are spending our honeymoon.

Friday evening we spent at home drinking pink champagne. Perhaps you are thinking ah so they are spending the first night as a married couple at home before jetting off somewhere sunny for an expensive 2 weeks jolly in the sun, Caribbean perhaps.

Saturday we didn’t rush to get up, we pottered around, I blogged whilst Owl chatted to his sister. I packed a bag (including a towel) ready for our trip.  It was a somewhat cold day so thick coat and gloves were the order of the day. Did I mention before that our car does not have heating! We were just about to set off when we got embroiled in a conversation over the fence with our neighbour. 20 minutes later we finally got going, so much for arriving late morning. Even though we were running late we decided on a small detour (the village where Owl lived a year ago). His old local pub is under new management so we thought we would be nosy and see what was what.

Walking in we met 4  friends, three of them we hadn’t seen for quite sometime. When asked how we were, we took great delight in telling them we had got married. The looks on their faces when they asked the inevitable question, when? followed by our chorus of “yesterday”, was priceless.

By the time we reached our beach retreat it was mid afternoon. Collecting our new vehicle pass and a second key we made our way to our caravan. We began unpacking everything ready for our first visitors next week. It took a phone call to find out how to turn on the water, just a minor inconvenience. Once we had the tv etc up and running we took the short walk (about a minute) to the main complex for a late afternoon lunch. It was wonderful being in the warm looking out to sea watching the sun with its spectacular golds and pinks sinking below the cloud line. Finally we figured we couldn’t put it off any more and nipped back to our caravan. I lit the fire (this ran out of gas in less than a minute).

Owl then phoned the office again whilst I continued to unpack all the cutlery, crockery etc. Within a couple of minutes we were joined by two of the sales staff who got the gas on and helped with the unpacking and putting away. Once they had gone we sat around the fire trying to warm up. We are so glad we had changed our minds about staying there over night. Back home we had another bottle of bubbly, some strawberry (heartshaped) shortbread and some dry roasted peanuts, cuddled up on the sofa we fell asleep. Waking up at 2am. Not great when you know we have an early start in the morning.

So Sunday morning dawns, we have now been married for almost 48 hours, surely we would be jetting off somewhere warm today. Actually no, we were putting on warm clothes again in preparation for another freezing cold experience. We were later than planned arriving at our destination but still earlier than Petrol who we had thought would have arrived before us. With Owl being a self confessed ‘petrol head’ he was interested in some of the cars we passed on our short walk through the car park and onto the motor circuit. This is where I started to get interested. I am not a petrol head myself but I do like some cars. We were at a motoring breakfast club , today’s event being ‘Pre Tax Cars’. I rather liked the look of this Chevrolet Fleetline, I loved the colour and the sleek smooth lines.


Here are a few of the other cars I found interesting.IMG_0226IMG_0222There were far more American cars there than Owl had anticipated  I won’t post all the cars I photographed on here as the majority of you won’t be interested so I shall set up a separate page for cars for those of you who are. But first I must tell you that shortly after Petrol had joined us he had asked the question ‘have you been playing the “what is it” game?’ It was not long after this that Owl pointed out a Ford Falcon….I was astonished and immediately and with suprising authority told him he was wrong it was a Ford Fairlane 1963. He was flabbergasted that I should know this………it was actually quite easy, whilst he was looking at the car I was checking out this ……IMG_0271

After two hours checking out all these cars, we didn’t bother with the motorbikes or scooters but we did see a Daimler Ferret.daimler ferret( headed back home after stopping off for a cooked breakfast first.

This afternoon we have polished off another bottle of bubbly.

Tomorrow we are going to James’s funeral and on Tuesday I return to work so no honeymoon just yet. But don’t worry plans are being made.

Where did you spend your honeymoon?  What would be your dream honeymoon?

8 comments on “After the wedding……

  1. Mart Dawson says:

    Some great cars there. Owl myst have been well chuffed.

  2. Owl is well chuffed especially as he thinks he’s turning me into a petrol head too

  3. Debbie says:

    Thank you for sharing! While our honeymoon was lovely in the Tennessee mountains, it was the engagement story that will last forever. Brad proposed to me at the base of a waterfall in the rocky mountains of Colorado. I was completely surprised, as we were hundreds of miles from home on a mini-getaway. A picture of that waterfall hangs over our fireplace to this day. We went back several years ago, where once again I was tearfully surprised when my two little boys bent down on one knee and said “Mommy will you marry us?” Thanks for taking me back to a very special place. Much luck is wished to you and Owl.

    • Thanks Debbie, aww your story sounds so romantic and how sweet of your boys. We are thinking of getting a few of our photos from the deserted winter beach where our caravan is framed to go on our wall. No matter what stress we might be under a few hours near the sea do wonders for our mood.

  4. Many congratulations!

    How times have changed, though, when people spend their honeymoon blogging instead of snogging 😀

    My husband’s Dad owned a Ford Fairlane in the sixties. I’ve never seen a picture, so thanks for that 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your break!

    • ha ha yes this is marriage no 2 for me and still never had a honeymoon. But we were hoping to go to California in a couple of months but it now looks like that has had to be put on hold.

      I have posted a photo of the actual car (not just the radiator and number plate) on my new Petrol head page especially for you

  5. Mig says:

    Sounds as though you had a really fizzy time!
    We went on a narrow boat for our honeymoon and it snowed the day we set off.

  6. I think with the bucks fizz and all the bottles of champagne we consumed we could have floated along a canal/river without the narrow boat.
    It seems that the snow hasn’t put you off, I love the photos you post from your trips.

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