Driving shoes

Yesterday when I came in from work Owl was watching Top Gear on Dave. I have no idea how old the show was. Anyway apparently James May had said that you can tell what car a person drives by their shoes. He apparently demonstrated this by looking at a woman and saying that she drove a Nissan Micra which she confirmed was correct.

Ok I concede that this might be possible with some people. But what would he conclude if he met me? I like to wear high heels, although now that I have passed my half century I am more often opting for slightly more comfortable heels perhaps 2″ rather than 3 or 4. But I found several years ago that constantly driving in heels led to the creation of a groove in my drivers floor mat. This began to cause occasional problems with my heels getting caught.

For this reason I have got into the habit of driving in flat shoes which I change out of after driving. Sometimes I don’t bother to change and spend the next few hours in my flats.

Now my shoe habits do not change according to which vehicle I am driving. I wore the same shoes whether driving my late Toyota Corolla or our Chevrolet Blazer, two very different vehicles.  05-01-07_red shoeSP_A0020HELLOMOTODo you have different shoes according what you drive?

3 comments on “Driving shoes

  1. Mig says:

    It’s years and years since I’ve been able to wear anything on my feet that was even minutely less than flat. Also years and years since I drove anything that made any kind of statement. Unless it was the Volvo?
    (yes it was a very safe and solid car but more to the point it could turn on a sixpence – reversing or forwards. You have to love engineering that works don’t you?)

  2. I could never get on with flat shoes, as a teenager I was always falling over until I started wearing heels. I only started wearing flatter shoes when I started having children. But I find very flat shoes painful on my heels. I also tend to walk more upright in heels than flats.

    My father had a volvo estate in the 70s, we used travel all over the country in it, often in the back not that you could do that now.

  3. Debbie says:

    Shoes don’t tell the driver, they tell the person. I wear flip flops because they are open positive and happy. Perhaps your high heels represent you being self-assured, having leadership qualities, not afraid to stand above others…. and not the the kind of car you drive. Either way thanks for throwing shoes into the mix! Adding them to our love for cars is just an awesome plus!

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