The trip

A month or so ago Skater came home from college saying that his course were going on a trip, it would cost £100 he would be away for 3 nights. The three of us have talked about where he was going what he would see and do there. Owl took his son there some years ago.

Yesterday he packed his bag, a very large back pack the kind you see on the backs of those on back packing holidays. He had it crammed full plus another bag and a sleeping bag. I think he was planning to be away for a month not 3 nights.

I dropped him off at the station yesterday evening as he had arranged to spend the night with Elf his girlfriend and her family. They live in the town where he goes to college. Recently the trains between the two towns have been rather suspect and he didn’t want to miss the trip because the trains were not running.

At lunch time today I received his message saying that they had landed in Cardiff. Over the next few days he will visit this place, which should be fun. They will also spend time hereThere will be some filming to do whilst they are away. My son apparently will be dressing as a zombie for this. 

In the meantime Owl and I have the house to ourselves until Thursday evening 🙂