It is the start of Easter and once again I am not feeling great. Having been ill at Christmas it is with dismay that I find myself poorly again now. I should think myself lucky, Owl has been very poorly indeed although he is now almost over it. Various colleagues at work have been struck down badly enough to have days off work. It was inevitable that I should not escape fully from these germs. My throat is sore, my eyes are full of cold and I am coughing again. However I think my symptoms are mild compared to Christmas and also compared to others who have been hit by illness in recent weeks. I am hoping I have managed to catch the symptoms quick enough to prevent them worsening.

After coughing intermittently throughout the night I decided to make my way down to the kitchen at about 7.30am on this bank holiday, I feel better for being upright. I fed the cat and made a cup of tea, meaning to return to bed and read for a while. The sun was shining, casting a bright light into the front of the house. Our cat is enjoying the warm sun as she sits on the low window sill. I am in the kitchen looking out at the garden when movement catches my eye.

Could it be?

Yes it is…….there is a starling clinging to the bird treat I had hung up last weekend. Last Sunday I had persuaded Owl that we should have a mooch around the local garden centre. I bought a bird feeder and a half coconut stuffed with fat and seed to hang on one of the trees in our garden. During the week Owl commented that I had wasted my money as no birds had be feeding from our tree. I know that it will take time before the local bird life find our feeder.

So this morning it has been heartening to watch a couple of starlings taking turns at the bird treat and several sparrows visiting the feeder. If I had had my camera to hand I would have take a photo or two.

We have decided that this weekend we will begin working on our garden getting it ready for the spring if it ever arrives.