Running along

This will probably be of no interest to anyone but us but………

last night when I was watering our garden I found for the first time our first runner beans.

We have two tubs of runner beans growing, they are positioned next to each other against a west facing wall to get maximum sunlight. I am perplexed that whilst both groups of plants are thriving one seems to be covered in black fly whilst the other one has not one as far as I can see. The flyless one has now got several beans hanging from the higher part of the structure.

our first runner

I have never grown runner beans before (or at least not me personally, my parents did when I was a child). Is it possible for the fly infested plants to bear fruit (beans) once the flies have been dealt with?

I have used bug spray on them and my friend has recommended diluted washing up liquid.

2 comments on “Running along

  1. Debbie says:

    I don’t know very much about gardening and runner beans, but i do appreciate tiny little wonders that seem to pop up here and there with lots of uniqueness.

  2. over the weekend we picked our first runner beans and our first raspberries 😀

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