A few weeks ago the lovely Debbie from Hoodscoop03 nominated me for an award. I am sorry it has taken me a while to get around to passing it on.

This award is for being part of the WordPress Family.

Since I began using WordPress a few years ago and yes I know this blog is less than a year old, I have met numerous lovely people through their blogs. In an online sense that is.

Here are a few of my WordPress Family who also deserve this award.

Let Out to play This lady has a great sense of humour and takes wonderful photos

Appletonavenue This lady has not had it easy but she never gives up even when she feels she can’t go. I  just want to hug this lady and take away all her difficulties.

Relaxandfloatdownstream A breath of fresh air.

Breezy Books Maddie Cochere author of Susan Hunter Mysteries