Ever increasing circles

Three years ago our immediate family was quite a small circle. My mother, myself and my four sons and their partners. Then my grandson came along. My second son and his now wife had baby number one Ted. Their friends(his daddy’s 2nd best friend) had a baby boy R within a week or so later. So that was two baby boys in 2018. In 2019 My eldest became daddy to my little princess. Her aunty had a baby girl G three weeks later (a month early). Oh and my brother’s step daughter had a baby girl E. That’s three baby girls in 2 months .

In 2020, Ted’s mum’s cousin had a baby boy F. R had a baby brother M. Now in 2021 there seems to be an explosion going on. Ted has a new baby boy cousin EC born in January. Talking to my eldest on video call last week I heard of a few more babies on the way. His partner’s friend is having a baby any day now. Ted’s daddy’s best friend is going to become a daddy this month. My eldest son’s band partner is also becoming a daddy later this year. Then today I found out that My youngest son’s girlfriend has twins joining her family in August.

I did hear in the news a few days ago that the expected baby boom caused by the pandemic hadn’t occurred other than in one road. I think my sons and their friends are trying to make up for it.

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