Knitting isn’t always easy

I’ve said before that we have an increased level of deliveries to our door. We have a new neighbour who moved in last week. She works shifts. There have been a lot of deliveries of large parcels for her that I have taken in.

Now I bet you are wondering why I’m talking about deliveries when my title is about knitting.

When I’m knitting it involves a lot of counting. Counting stitches or counting rows. The actual knitting itself isn’t difficult although some patterns can be confusing at times. Every time there is a knock at the door I have to put my knitting aside. This can take a minute if I have unravelled a length of wool and need to get it out of my way so I don’t get it wound around my legs/feet. By the time I get to the door there is sometimes nobody there.

When I get back to my knitting, if I have been counting stitches that’s no it too difficult to count again to discover where I have got to so, that I can continue. If I have been counting rows that’s different. When I am putting down my knitting in my own time I will start a row and knit the number of stitches that corresponds with the number of row that I’m on. However if I am interrupted ( mostly by a knock at the door). I don’t have the opportunity to get to the correct place, so that when I pick up again I know exactly where I am. I just have to hope that I will remember. Not too bad if I am able to pick it up again fairly quickly but sometimes it might be a while before I can get back to my knitting.

My current project involved a lot of counting. I’m making a jumper for my 17 month granddaughter. It is light silvery grey with a cat face on the front.

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