It’s been a long time coming

Well unexpectedly today has been the day.

Today it has been raining heavily for mos of the day. However after being ill for a couple of days and not able to get out delivering or collecting catalogues, I was determined to get out there this evening.

This posed a problem for me in that none of my trousers were suitable for going out in the rain. All my jeans are wide legged (which I hate but have never had any other style due to my size and I always buy cheap supermarket ones). Even the trousers I wear for work would be getting soaked.

I decided to have a look in the bottom drawer of my wardrobe to see what was lurking there. Now that I have lost some weight there might be something suitable. Alas all I could find were more pairs of wide legged jeans.However I did find one pair that didn’t seem to be quite as long as the others. Looking a the label I was sorry to see that they were size 18, no way would I get into them just yet.

I did decide to have a try though. I sat on the end of the bed putting first one foot then the other into the legs. Hmm I doubt I will get them on. To my surprise not only did I manage to pull them over my backside I also got the button and zip done up (without having to lay on the bed). So this evening I went out doing my catalogue pick ups in jeans that I have not worn since before I met Owl. Ok so they did get wet around the hem but who cares when I have managed to wear size 18 jeans again.

It might seem to some that getting into size 18 jeans is not such a great thing but when you have been wearing size 22 for a few years it is great.

Taking it slowly

Anyone who knows me will know that I am not fast in anything I do. Recently I have increased my walking, currently my pedometer App tells me that I am averaging 8189 steps per day, that is much better than the 3 to 4 thousand I was averaging when I was using this App a year ago. Some days I manage 12k, I think I had only ever managed a maximum of 11k once before.

The other evening we were discussing how much exercise we are both getting these days. Owl was saying that he feels so much fitter than he used to do.I on the other hand do not feel fitter. My stamina has increased. I can walk around delivering or picking up catalogues for an hour and a half without having to stop for a rest. Before this I had to rest after about 20 minutes.

I am glad that my stamina is building up, it doesn’t stop my arms and legs from aching when I do stop though. I am still a slow walker, I guess it is possible that my walking speed has improved slightly, especially at the start, but not by much.

All this extra walking that I have been putting in, is probably a contributing factor. My reduced appetite and receding sweet tooth have also contributed. To what? you might be asking.

Today I had my half annual Diabetes check up, Along with blood tests and blood pressure, I was also weighed. In the last year I have lost one and a half stone. I did not do this by going on a diet. I did this by eating less and moving more.

Slowly does it. I feel really proud of myself.